WWW1 (RM 520,000.00) Plate Number Belong to Johor Sultan

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(May,28) The Road Transportation Department (RTD) today revealed the owner of the most expensive vehicle registration number in Malaysia’s history to be the Johor sultan.

Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar spent a whopping RM520,000 to acquire the much-sought-after ‘WWW1′ plate number.

Published on RTD’s official website this morning was a list of successful bidders for the premium plates, amongst them the agong. He is the proud owner of ‘WWW5′ with a bid price of RM220,000.

The bid price for ‘WWW1′ breaks the record set by ‘MCA 1′ that in 2010 was sold for RM300,100.

The Johor sultan is known to be a luxury vehicle enthusiast who owns a collection of antique and latest car models.

Johor crown prince Tunku Ismail Idris also confirmed the bid in his Twitter postings.

“Yup. WWW1 if I’m not mistaken,” he said when asked by a Twitter follower if his father was the bidder.

“I prefer my grandfather’s number plate, ‘JOHOR’! Very simple,” he added in another posting.

According to Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha, the ‘WWW’ plate series received the highest number of bids ever recorded, at 18,243.

He said this was nearly four times the previous record of 4,750 bids for the ‘ WVW ‘ registration numbers. – Mkini