Woman kills mother in law with grinding stone

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Tired of quarrelling with her mother-in-law, an Indian woman from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, hit her with a grinding stone, killing her instantly at their family home early Thursday morning

Tamil Nesan reported that the woman, known only as Gayathri, had told police that she had been mentally tortured by S. Rajammal, 55, since she married her son S. Sundar four months ago.

The 22-year-old woman said she could no longer bear the torture and had planned to kill Rajammal.

It was reported that since their marriage Gayathri and her husband had lived with his parents.

Gayathri and Rajammal did not get along well and were always quarrelling, prompting Sundar to build a new farmhouse.

That night after the house warming ceremony, instead of sleeping at their new home, Gayathri and Sundar slept in their old home.

In the morning, Gayathri crept out of her room and attacked Rajammal. She was arrested later in the day. – The Star