Woman bites off man’s lip, to safe herself

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A WOMAN bit off the lower lip of a man she claimed was molesting her in Singapore, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The woman, a China national known only as Loo, was punched on the nose by the man who fled the scene.

She only realised that she had bitten off the man’s lip when she felt something inside her mouth and spat it out in the 11pm incident on Saturday. It was a piece of flesh measuring about 2cm in length.

Loo, 39, who works as a cleaner in the republic, said she was walking back to her hostel alone that night when the man grabbed her from behind.

“He covered my mouth and used another hand to grab me by the waist. I put up a struggle and shouted for help.

“He then shoved me to the ground and dragged me to a nearby bush.

“I bit his lower lip when he came near me. I refused to let go, knowing that I would be in deep trouble if I did,” she said.

Loo added that three men who were staying at a nearby hostel then came to her aid.

She believed the suspect had come prepared as he was wearing a pair of gloves.


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