Wild Boar creates ruckus in court, shot dead

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ALOR GAJAH  –  A wild boar caused a ruckus yesterday when it entered the compound of the Magistrate Court, here, and rampaged around the grounds following attempts to capture it.

The male wild boar was said to have tried to attack members of the Alor Gajah Civil Defense Department (JPAM) and other members of the public who came near it.

The animal was discovered in a ditch within the court compound at around 8.30am and ran around trying to find a way out and into the nearby forest.

The incident came to a tragic end two hours later when officers from the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) were forced to shoot the boar down.

Ahmad Harun, 52, who witnessed the commotion, said he had initially thought that the grey-coloured animal in the ditch was a pile of garbage.

“Then I saw it move. As it climbed out from the ditch, I realised that it was a wild boar and quickly went to inform staff members.

“The situation became more panicked as people found out that there was a wild boar roaming the grounds,” he said at the scene yesterday.

Ahmad added that the wild boar could be seen running back and forth parallel to the fence, trying to find an escape route, but when it couldn’t, it began to get violent.

“The animal began chasing after people, so to avoid any unfortunate incidents, JPAM were called in to catch it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Alor Gajah JPAM squad chief Ismail Zulkefeli Ahmad said four team members rushed to the scene to capture the animal.

“We set up a trap and managed to catch it, but the boar put up a struggle and broke the trap, setting itself free again.

“Then it began to chase after the people nearby, including JPAM members and members of the public,” he said.

ismail said not long after that, at around 10.30am, Perhilitan officers arrived and shot the animal which was running amok.

He added that there were no reports of injury at the scene.  –  NST