Wife affair – Man hang himself

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June 5, 2012 – A  man committed suicide after he allegedly saw his wife in a compromising position with another man.

However, the wife claimed that her husband misunderstood the situation as the man was molesting her.

On Saturday evening, Puran Sahoo, 22, hanged himself in the servant’s quarters of a bungalow in Bangalore.

Police said that Sahoo and his wife Manju were working as servants in the bungalow and that Shiv was a fellow employee.

Sahoo had entered the quarters at about 9pm and found Manju and Shiv in a compromising position in the bathroom.

An enraged Sahoo slapped his wife twice while Shiv ran away. Sahoo then locked himself inside the kitchen.

Manju told police that she had repeatedly knocked on the door but Sahoo did not respond.

By the time she called her employer and broke open the kitchen door, Sahoo had hanged himself.

She told police that Shiv had gagged her and forcibly taken her into the bathroom. – Malaysia Nanban