Why woman hates man – 8 points (Part 2)

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You stop trying

You have us as your wife or girlfriend. We’re committed to the situation, and all is good. But pretty soon you stop trying to impress us—and we don’t like that. You needs to ditch your gross dress socks and gym clothes and make an effort. Otherwise you ain’t getting any.  After 7 years, a man’s got to bust some new moves. Or at least bring back a few of the retired ones that used to work. Like simply bringing home a pizza, a bottle of wine, and some flowers when we’ve had a bad day. Bring back the woo. We want the woo!

You blatantly look at porn

We don’t care that you masturbate, and we can’t change the fact that you might occasionally browse the fine and varied selection of naked ladies on the Internet. But if you’re looking at porn on a computer we also use, kindly delete your history. We don’t want an underwearless young starlet showing her bald spot appears as we’re showing Mom something online.

You turn down sex

When it so happens that we’re the one who wants sex and you’re the one who doesn’t, we find your refusal to be confusing and irritating. Reassure us that we’re attractive and that you love us, but that you just aren’t in the mood. It helps to throw out a hint at what’s going on—that you’re tired, depressed, anxious at work, whatever, says Aline Zoldbrod, Ph.D., a Boston-area psychologist. That way we won’t obsess or be too pouty or aggressive.

You ask us out via text

Texting is fast and easy and leads to sexy banter—but save it until after the first date. Calling a woman to ask her out is much more personal. It takes more effort (and balls), which is exactly what we find so sexy about your doing it. It comes with an advantage: It makes you stand out from the mass of other men who text instead of calling because it feels like a generously romantic gesture,” says Kristina Grish, author of The Joy of Text: Mating, Dating, and Techno-Relating.

By : Lisa Jones (Men’s Health)