Why MIC Secretary Murugesan FEAR debate?

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By P.Sivakumar – President  Malaysian Indian Business Association (MIBA)

Come , let’s Debate to Debate ,MIC & PR Indian Leaders

The MIBA made comments recently in FMT suggesting  MIC top leaders & PR Indian Leaders to hold a debate and what came out  as a surprise was an immediate “ No” from  MIC, General Secretary Murugesan and PKR  VP Sivarasah and Surendran

While clearly expressing MIBA’s role in calling on the Indian leaders form both the divide, citing at  the  “need”  for a Debate or Discussions on Indian issues especially on the  Economic  point of view that MIBA represents

The need to debate on issues like Public Policies & Programs  to enhance the rights of Malaysian Indians

MIC is a race based ethnic party . Its approach is race & religion but are you (MIC) not working in a Multi- Racial Model with UMNO & MCA?

This approach is different with Pakatan Rakyat (PR)  where their parties are multi-racial but they too operate with Indian Representatives ie VP’s in PKR and  Asst. Gen .Sec in DAP

Who from DAP or PKR  speak mostly on Indian issues – its not the Chinese or Malay , it has been Indians like the case of Indian stateless  and citizenship issues ?

While we recognize issues from national concerns and we analyse , however ,we must recognize that there are “ Specific Concerns”  from the Indian Community that have emerged  under BN policies  for years and have been swept under the carpet for far too long.

Some of the issues are  being  advocated since the uprising of Hindaf in 2007 mass street protest

Not debating Nor Discussing shows lack of capability  despite having the intellectual  capacity to address public policy concerns of the Indian Community Politics has changed and MIC can’t solely depend on UMNO  which has neglected the Community for years

MIC is a  National party which has been the voice for the Community It must be bold and make a stand on Indian issues at the policy level .

Dishing handouts to get votes is tantamount to cheating the poor Indians and robbing them of a good future which they surely disserve for their  contribution to National development soon 55 years

Crisis in PR is that there is no visible leader championing the concerns of the Indian Community and no mechanism to solve Indian issues

This is why many of the Indian voters  who came out and supported PR after the Hindraf rally of November 2007 have started to look back at MIC  and Najib as they felt angry and disappointed with PR Indian leaders of also sweeping  issues under common concerns forgetting that minorities have specific concerns which needs specific intervention and strategies.

PR needs a group to speak up, voice and negotiate with the dominant parties in PR on Indian needs

The community want Indian leaders in PR to lead. To be a voice to advocate the community’s concern against emotive issues that are often highlighted  but may not translate into votes  for PR.