Why MIC fish voters by using local artists “BN-My Choice” – Why MIC treated Indians like beggars

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Fast-forward now, Malaysian Indian music industry had grown into a multi-million dollar business, and many old-timers had sunk in, unable to survive and compete with today’s music trend and demand.

They scrap out little from a few concerts here and there, barely surviving to eat and pay their Indah Water bills. Every other Indian guys out there is making music by installing virtual Tamil spitting machine guns in their mouth and coming out with a record. It seems like as long as you will be able to spit a few words in a quick succession you’re on your way to become an artist. Wear pants loose enough  you’re supposed to be a rap artist. A disgrace indeed to true rap artist.

But what really defines an artist? What defines an artist beyond his talent?

Dignity and principals. If you’re an artist or involved in a local entertainment industry, you will command a huge amount of followers. With fans, comes a responsibility. MIC had recently started a new campaigning tactic to fish voters for the next election, by using local artists. All the bunch of local artists who has never cared or supported any political parties has suddenly come out in the open to pledge their allegiance for MIC, a party that has neglected and brought Malaysian Indians to a regrettable state.

A nationwide tour had been arranged with this artists promoting “BN-My Choice” album. I don’t really know what is inside that album, but I know that I’m never going to buy an album with BN written on it. As an artist, I personally think you should not be involved in politics. Period. And if you’re going to spread propagandas through your songs about a particular political party merely because you’ve been paid, it shows that you can be bought. And people who can be bought; for me, are people who have no dignity and principals in their life.

Alleycats, the oldest surviving mega group in Malaysia, had NEVER aligned themselves to political parties. And I’m talking about an Indian band which is famous among Malaysians, not Indians alone.

If this artists can combine together to promote a political party, why don’t I see any of this same artist combining together to urge the political parties to help the Indians? Instead of fighting for the survival of the less fortunate, they chose to accumulate more wealth of their own. When this artists combine and put up pressure on political parties to come down to the ground and help our community, the political parties will have to listen, because they know behind this artists are huge amount of fans. Get my point? But maybe they’re scared, scared that they will lose their own source of income if they fight against the political parties.

Let’s talk about you now.

I hate to say this, but some Malaysian Indians are not in correct mindset. Just by throwing in a few concerts here and there, you are following behind these guys. Whatever happened to your dignity? You are being duped with merely few dollars being thrown in by the political parties. First you will say you hate MIC, and right after getting a packet of rice and RM20 hamper, you will go vote them into power again. How selfish…

There was this event held recently nearby my housing area, which was attended by none other than Datin Seri Rosmah. Taman Sentosa , Klang is one of the most notorious housing areas in Klang and is packed with low and middle class Indians. The event was held to honor the achievement and role of woman in this country. Obviously, probably hundreds of thousands were thrown in to organize an event such as this to spread their propaganda.

Participants were forced to stand and sing ‘BN’s’ party song. Indian aunties were given free cheap saris in order to tempt them. Cheap hamper, money handouts and free concerts using local artist, is this how you spread your political agenda and propaganda?

And don’t you Indians see that you’re being treated like beggars? Is that all you want for your community and kids?

Is this what our society needs at this moment?

Our grandmothers in estates are suffering without IC and proper documentation.

Your brothers and sisters are studying in a low life condition deprived from basic facilities in schools.

Your brothers are involved in crime and gangsterism because they do not have proper guidance of what is right and what is not.

Many Indian families are living below poverty level, scrapping things just to make enough for a day, a perfect example was a family who lived with a baby without electricity for a few months!

Now, tell me Malaysian Indians, which is more important for you? A few events and concerts with free handouts where you will be treated like a dog waiting for bones, or a country where you will be treated with dignity and your kids being given equal opportunities and not made slaves?

Do not destroy the future of our country for mere saris. Have dignity, we Indians are known for it. Think about the overall picture, fight for the rest of our community that is still trapped and struggling to survive on daily basis. For you have sinned and betrayed your own community by taking side with evils.

I’ve always been in support of local artists. But not over my community. I’ll let you decide which is more important. Your own local artists, the political parties, or the unfortunate Indian community?

Be wise. –By Ragedindian ( Durai Kumar )