Why men have nipples

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There seems to be no logical answer behind this as women are the ones who nurture their babies with the milk from their breasts. Then, why do men have nipples on their bodies.

Study about this has shown that initially all embryos have a female template and therefore the nipples is one of the things that are developed in the embryo before the X or Y chromosome is decided. This is the main reason why men as well as women have nipples on their bodies.

The nipples in a man have no function as such. Though, due to hormonal imbalance in a man the nipples can grow to become more prominent.

Therefore, the development of nipples is because of early development in the embryo and that is when it does not matter whether it is going to be a baby boy or girl. So, men are left with mammary tissue though only a little bit of it.

According to interestingfact.com ,the flip side of this is that the breast tissue in men can go on to develop into breast cancer and other concerns just like as in women. They have the same nipples as in women but only the size and function differs. Array