Why is it that DAP is willing to work with PAS?

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By Chor Chee Heung

When DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng said that ‘DAP’s consistent opposition to hudud is clear’, I find it nonsensical because despite the fact that Guan Eng had promised to not accept the concept of an Islamic state and to oppose PAS’ agenda, DAP is still working together with PAS in order to seize power.

Although Guan Eng had said that PAS has given up their Islamic state agenda and that they have agreed to respect the different stands of each of the Pakatan parties, DAP’s stand on the issue continues to remain unclear.

In January 2006, Guan Eng said DAP would not return to Barisan Alternatif unless PAS rejects its Islamic state ambition. He alsostated very strongly that unless PAS abandons its religious stand, DAP will not work together with PAS.

However, we now see that DAP is cooperating with PAS despite the fact that PAS has still not given up their ideals. So why is it that DAP is suddenly willing to work with PAS?

Thus, we have reason to believe that DAP will slowly but surely accept the idea of having PAS hudud law and establishing a theocratic state by PAS. This is because DAP is still willing to work with PAS by claiming that hudud law is only for Muslims, totally ignoring the fact that hudud law will also affect non-Muslim rights.

The situation in Kedah, for example, is reported to have an increasing number of hardline religious-based policies being implemented. If DAP is truly opposed to the concept of an Islamic state, they should then start by voicing out their objections to these new rulings in their own states first instead of turning a blind eye to these issues.

So, when DAP talks about their ‘consistent opposition to hudud law’ but yet make no move to prove that they support this stand when PAS says that they will implement hudud law, it only shows that Pakatan’s main problem has not been solved, and this is why MCA is challenging DAP on the topic of hudud law and an Islamic state by PAS. – malaysianmirror