Why Government officers / directors transferred within 24 hours

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KUALA LUMPUR – Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the dismissal of Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (CCM) is not vendetta.
“It is routine restructuring,” said Ismail Sabri in a blog posting by BigDog.

“Usually, there are two reasons why civil servants are transferred; 1. restructuring 2. not performing. We can’t keep non-performing people around, do we?”.

Ismail also added, “Restructuring is due. Every three to four years, we restructure our Enforcement officers and move them around. Its normal Operation”.

The minister responded after the matter was highlighted by blogger Datuk Ahirudin Attan in his blog Rocky’s Bru.

Rocky wrote that Ismail Sabri was enraged with the poor response during the Hari Koperasi Negara 2012 celebration and that the minister had recommended the sacking of CCM’s Executive Chairman and Deputy Executive Chairman.

He also wrote that, five directors from states division have been transferred within 24 hours notice on 16 July 2012 without the opportunity to make a presentation of their innocence.

Several more are believed to follow suit as a result of the current investigation set up by the Controlling Officer (the Ministry’s secretary-general).

The state directors are from Kedah, Pahang, Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan while one Director of a Division from the HQ has also been moved out.

“It’s crazy. This is vendetta. This kind of injustice will not go down well with the civil servants,” the blogger said a senior cooperative individual told him.

Rocky also wrote that during the Cabinet meeting last week, Ismail was said to have apologised to Najib on behalf of the “bungling civil servants” and promised to take action.

“I’m not sure if the PM would agree with his Minister’s tactics if he knew, though,” Rocky wrote.

The corporate affair division of Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (CCM) confirmed that five state directors have been given a 24-hour transfer order.

The division’s head Zainal Abidin Abdul Manaf told The Mole that the transfer was due to their failure in managing transportation during the Hari Koperasi Negara which was held between 13-15 July recently.

Zainal confirmed that a task force has been set up to look into this matter.

However, he stressed that a task force is set up whenever a big event is conducted and it is a normal procedure to do so.

“The task force is entrusted to monitor, check, and audit about the events,” he said declining to comment further, saying it is premature to say anything when the task force hasn’t even completed their investigation yet.

It is learnt that RM8 million was spent to organise the event and Ismail Sabri expected a turnout of 100,000 people but only half of that turned up.

A source said that Ismail Sabri as the minister should not be blaming the directors, as it is not the civil servants’ duties to be the crowd-puller it is his duty, unless there are some misappropriation in the organising of the event.

There are currently, 9,074 cooperative societies in Malaysia with 7,040, 309 members. – The Mole