Who murdered Altantuya – Why PM send text messages to his business buddy Baginda Razak

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by Soul of Justice

How many more agonizing years do we and the world have to wait to find out the following:

1. Who gave the order to ensure that all immigration records of the late Altantuya’s entry and egress records were wiped out from the system?

2. Who gave the green light for the controlled explosive C4 to leave the guarded and vaulted premise?

3. Who authorized the use of military grade C4 to be used on the shot and dead lone woman?

4. Why did the current PM send text messages to his business buddy Baginda Razak of his assurance to assist and what assistance did he give?

5. Who ordered the now accused two policemen who are trained specialists to dispose of the Mongolian lady in such manner?

6. Why is motive not an essential consideration in the deliverance of justice in the Court of Malaysia in so far as Altantuya’s case goes?

7. What was the sitz-im-laben consideration that warranted a complete annihilation of a single lone business woman?

8. And why is the case still not resolved despite all these years?

Unending speculation

For as long as the mysteries surrounding the brutal and grotesque bombing of a lone, fragile lady – Mongolian beauty, mother, daughter and professional Altantuya, remain wrapped in absolute silence, this nation’s reputation and the perception thereof tethers dangerously on the edge.

Looking at the unending allegations after allegations by political foes and business communities, and the surmounting legal and counter suits in court, one is inclined to be not surprised why even the Altantuya’s case remains unresolved.

Let us come to terms with a fact: For as long as the murder of Altantuya remains a mystery, the credibility of BN will suffer and its promotion of the 55 years Independence Anniversary celebration slogan “Janji Detepati” remain hollow.

For as long as the rakyat and the world’s legal fraternity remain suspect of the case and judicial conclusions, the nation’s reputation is forever damaged.

For as long as the questions surrounding the late Altantuya’s fate remain unanswered in a honest, believable and no-holds-barred manner, all those who have their hands stained with this murder, directly and indirectly, have committed treason of the highest order against this nation, its monarchy and citizens.

For as long as we think and appear indifferent to the seriousness of the Altantuya’s case, we have got our priorities all muddled up.

For this is no ordinary murder by a lone criminal on the loose. For this is no isolated crime of passion. This is on the contrary all about nationhood; it is all about our nation’s integrity and accountability; it is all about transparency.

Hence, for as long as the case remains hidden in the dark cupboard of cobwebs, the government under the BN must take the blame for its failing.

Mr. Honorable Prime Minister, if only you can come clean on this episode and put the records all straight, without fear and favor and beyond any further doubts, you would have achieved the BN’s Merdeka slogan of “Janji Detepati”.

Can we see to it before we enter our 13th General Election? Or is it of no national interest and consequences? -hornbillunleashed