“What’s wrong with me having boyfriends to make love to them?” asks wife

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A PRC beer lady sleeps around with other men after marrying a Singaporean businessman and ‘milking’ him dry.

According to the Singaporean uncle Mr Ang who is 50 years old, he first met the PRC beer lady at a coffeeshop in Johor Bahru where he ran two restaurants.

She is a 39 years old divorcee with two children from Heilongjiang province in northeast China.

The PRC lady was initially very nice and gentle to Mr Ang and ‘serve’ him dutifully in bed as well.

Mr Ang was so mesmerized by her that he spent his entire life savings on her and was even persuaded to sell his two restaurants to buy a house for her children in China.

However her attitude changed completely after he registered his marriage with her in Singapore.

She began to demand more money from Mr Ang who had to borrow from his friends to support her. He is now in debts and owes them more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Not only did his PRC wife now refuse to have sex with him, she even ‘cuckoided’ him by having sex with other men!

Once the Singaporean uncle caught her making love with another man in his home and confronted her angrily to which she replied: “What’s wrong with me having boyfriends to make love to them?”

That was the last time Mr Ang saw her and she has been missing ever since.

He shared his story with a local Chinese tabloid to warn other Singaporean men not to be involved with PRC women. – Asia One

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