welfare funds from the PM’s Department be used to pay commission? – Malaysian Garbage

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I think he (Najib) is in contact with other leaders of Asean. If he wants, he can also contact US president Barack Obama, the UK prime minister and the German chancellor or whoever he wants to contact in order push this resolution forward. I think he can do a lot of things which is not harmful to him.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad, calling prime minister Najib Razak to highlight the plight of Burma’s ethnic Rohingya at the world stage

MCA and Gopeng

She should love the party more than herself.
Chua Soi Lek, MCA president, accusing the party’s Heng Seai Kie of lobbying BN component parties to support her candidacy for the Gopeng seat

Money politics is not my style. Besides, not everyone can indulge in it.
Heng Seai Kie, Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister

MCA will represent the BN there, and I am convinced the MCA will field a credible candidate and we can recapture the seat in the next general election.
Zambry Abdul Kadir, Perak MB, assuring MCA that Gopeng seat is theirs

Pahang’s housing

The government will provide the land for the projects and the private sector will be encouraged to build the houses at below RM100,000 on 1,000 sq feet each. Priority will be given to buyers with a monthly income of RM4,000 and below.
Mohd Sofi Razak, Pahang Housing and Transport Committee chairman, on the state’s housing problem where more than 40,000 applications for low- and medium-cost houses are pending


This issue was resolved after I and (deputy PAS commissioner) Ismail Salleh accepted our extension as exco members in the Kedah government. This means that we give full support to Azizan’s leadership. I assume that there are some quarters who want to create chaos in Kedah PAS again, after the exco crisis in May.
Phahrolrazi Zawawi, Kedah state exco member, denying making an anonymous statement that MB Azizan Abdul Razak should have been replaced a year ago


Can welfare funds from the PM’s Department be used to pay commission?
Badrul Hisham, Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia chief, on alleged kickbacks channelled to an obscure company in Klang this year came from a RM500,000 government welfare aid to an NGO

UMNO warlords

The warlords practised a culture of thuggery, and this was what led the people to despise us and refuse to support us. But today, it is different, warlords no longer exist. No division leader is like that because everybody is now going to the ground and working together.
Hamzah Zainuddin, UMNO supreme council member, claiming no more ‘warlords’ in the party since Najib Razak took leadership


We strongly condemn the Malaysian government’s attempts to discredit those who receive foreign funds for their human rights work, including insinuations made in the media that foreign-funded organisations, including Suaram, may have hidden political agendas. We emphasise that foreign funding is indeed necessary for many NGOs, not only in Malaysia, but across the globe.
56 regional and international NGOs, demanding the government stop harassing Suaram over its funding sources – Harakah