We were attacked but no body bothered to help

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KUALA LUMPUR: AN attack on a busy street, in full view of scores of motorists, has left a pilot and his wife living in fear.

Datuk Capt Gurcharan Singh Sidhu, 63, and his wife Datin Arunee Dee, 38, were in a brand new Mercedes E200 CGI at a traffic- light junction in Jalan P. Ramlee on Sunday evening when they were attacked and robbed by two men on a motorcycle.

The pillion rider smashed the front passenger window with a metal object and tried to grab Arunee’s handbag.

She put up a fight, but was knocked unconscious by a punch to her face. The pillion rider then grabbed the bag and the two escaped in heavy traffic.

Gurcharan said he was too stunned to react.

“My wife was unconscious. She was bleeding from her arms and legs after the window’s shattered glass cut her,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

“Motorists behind us kept honking thinking I was purposely holding up traffic.

“No one came to our aid. They were probably afraid for their own safety.”

Recalling the incident, which occurred at 7.15pm, Gurcharan said they were on their way to a hotel to meet a business partner when they stopped at the traffic light.

“I was speaking to my wife when I noticed a motorcycle approaching us. Then all of a sudden, the pillion rider smashed the window and my wife screamed.

“The incident happened so fast. I was stunned and did not respond.”

Gurcharan and Arunee were given outpatient treatment at University Malaya Medical Centre.

Gurcharan, a pilot with AirAsia X, said the duo escaped with RM4,000, their passports, bank cards, MyKad, credit cards, handphones, jewellery and the access card to their condominium.

He said his main concern was losing a pendrive containing all his passwords and his company’s information.

“Passwords to my bank accounts, online billing and the access number to my condominium unit are in the pendrive,” he said.

“I am afraid they will track us down through my wife’s driving licence and rob us again.”

Gurcharan said the incident occurred in broad daylight and that the culprits were bold.

Arunee, who suffered bruises to the left eye, face, arms and legs, said she it was traumatic. She complained of headaches.

A Dang Wangi police spokesman confirmed receiving a report on the incident and said investigations were ongoing.  –  NST