Ways to self-protect from sexual abuse

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Anyone can be a potential victim to sexual abuse, regardless of their ethics, race, gender or age. With that being said, how can we protect ourselves against sexual abuse? The article below will give you further information on this matter.

Pay attention to your surroundings

People usually merge themselves in their favorite playlists, or scroll through their personal devices while walking on the street, going out for a jog, or being stuck in a traffic jam. That seems like a normal thing to do when you need inspiration and privacy. However, being neglected, or distracted from your surrounding increases the chance of becoming a target of sexual abuse. Therefore, pay close attention to the area that you are currently in, notice if there are sufficient lighting, a lot of people on the streets, or any house or store nearby that you can get help from or not. Those are crucial things to take note of, and in case of emergency, getting help from those places can save you from regrets, as well as further complications in emotional and physical health.

Trust your gut feeling

In certain cases, before the sexual abuse takes place, women often claim that they feel like “something was off”. It can be derived from the culprit’s strange behavior, for instance, he or she could act in the way that makes the victim feels uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the victim ignores action as they don’t trust their feelings, or they afraid that getting help would upset the perpetrator.

When something tells you that you are in danger, trust your guts, and seek help immediately. We haven’t fully understood yet how our brain works, but your brain may have picked up some small evidence that indicates the danger and then alert you by feelings. Therefore, trust your guts, and take actions before it’s too late.

Understand that perpetrators could be someone you know

When it comes to the culprit, they can be someone you know, or worse, someone who has gained your trust. As a consequence, you may feel like you need to be polite, or to delay taking actions so that you do not hurt that person’s feeling. These emotions and thoughts are understandable, nevertheless, a delay can cost you your future, so think wisely.

Sexual abuse can indeed ruin your life, as it can bring severe consequences to your mental, as well as your physical health. In order to protect yourself, it’s best to take a self-defense class. If you have any question or worry, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately. Keep in mind that in most cases, you are the only one who can help yourself out of the dangerous situation. – hello Doktor