Wanita MIC to ‘Thaipusam’ spray group – Advice can but not force

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Mohana Muniandy
Kuala Lumpur
– “We are aghast with a Facebook group’s warning on spraying “inappropriately” dressed Hindu women with pain during Thaipusam,” said Dato Mohana Muniandy in a press release today.

“This group should not take law in their hands under the guise of religion. We can advice EVERYONE to dress accordingly but not to impose rules nor punish them.”

Mohana stressed that being a misogynistic and coming up with distorted ideas on undermining women should not be allowed in this era.

She said that Wanita MIC would lodge nationwide police reports against this group for mocking and inciting violence during a religious festive.

“We have dress codes for temple and everyone must adhere to it. But taking a step further by planning to insult women publicly is utterly despicable. It is irksome knowing some are not knowing gender sensitivity and if this continues, patriarchal attitude is likely to thrive,” she continued.

“We are living in a community where a woman should be measured by her intelligence and hard work not by the length of her cloth.”

The Wanita Chief said that anyone who starts sexism controversy should be nipped in the bud and hopes that police will take stern action against those who exploited the issue of dress code.