Two MIC CWC members jump ship to PKR and spent nearly RM500,000 in the constituency

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With the 13th general election around corner, two MIC central working committee (CWC) members are planning to jump ship, party sources revealed today. Speculation is rife that the two leaders were on the verge of leaving the largest Indian-based political party in the country, just before the general election is called. A party source said that both the leaders from Selangor may cross over to PKR just before the polls.“The rumour was not something new…

“They were once strong supporters of MIC president G Palanivel… but they were overlooked in the party’s candidates list for the election. This is despite the president promising them seats in this election,” said the source.

The two leaders were said to have been expelled from the party by former supremo S Samy Vellu, but their membership was reinstated after Palanivel took the helm of the MIC.

The party insider claimed that Palanivel had promised a parliamentary seat to one of the two leaders despite the seat being held by a fellow MIC leader.

“He [the leader who is expected to jump ship] spent nearly RM500,000 in the constituency. But he found out recently that he will not be named as candidate for the seat. Even the prime minister has promised the seat to the incumbent… so there is no way the seat would be given to him.
“The chances of him jumping ship is very high. He still believes he can contest in the next general election but as an opposition candidate,” said the source.

He also said while one leader is waiting for the final list of candidates, the other has already made up his mind and would leave anytime soon.

“He [CWC member] is fed up with Palanivel’s style of administration. He believes that the president is giving priority to his supporters to hold positions in the party,” he added.

He said Palanivel’s favouritism was evident when a “particular Youth leader” was given priority over existing CWC members and even the Youth chief T Mohan.

“This Youth leader, who is a grandson of a prominent MIC veteran leader, should not be allowed to overrule other CWC members. As party chief, Palanivel should put the CWC members before others but this is not happening… his sidekicks are running the party and not the CWC members,” said the source.

Meanwhile, another party leader who did not want to be named said apart from the two leaders wanting to leave the party, there were others wanting to follow suit.

“The speculation about the two CWC members is just a trailer. The main show would be just before and after the general election,” he added.

“Party leaders and members are disappointed with the ‘silent’ president. At present, MIC is heading for disaster. To avoid going into oblivion, the party needs a vocal chief and not a mute,” he added. -FMT