Turmoil in Najib’s in laws family

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By Daniyar Muratov

Mrs. Nazarbayev was arrested in the Dubai airport last Friday, June 22, on Kazakhstan’s Interpol warrant – please see attached. Her PR company in NY (http://www.5wpr.com/), has been sending out press releases on her behalf,  including that one with her photo taken at the Dubai airport, some time before being arrested! see here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/statement-from-maira-nazarbayeva-159082505.html

Kazakhstan’s Interpol Warrant: http://www.malaysia-today.net/files/kazakh/Certified-International-Search-Document.pdf

This story is the kind where we say that art imitates life. It turns out that Maira Nazarbayev was also in possession of a 40-mil dollar (!) house in Nice, France, which she signed over a couple of years ago through Power of Attorney – see attached to her 34-year-old Azeri lover (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/zaur-sadigbayli/11/2a7/11). The house was originally in her small son’s name (and obviously bought with her former husband’s money). As I understand, she’s currently represented by 3 law firms in the US:

Rovshan Sharifov http://www.lawfirmsr.com/attorneys/

Russ Nazrisho, whose website is: http://www.nazrisho.com/attorneys.htm

Lubov Stark http://lubovstark.com/

Here’s a proof of Maira’s criminal-shady past, as reported by the US State Department in 2010: (http://kazakhstan.usembassy.gov/hrr-2010.html)

b. Disappearance

On August 14, Edgar Salduzi, a prominent businessman involved in a highly publicized business dispute with Maira Nazarbayeva, President Nazarbayev’s sister-in-law, disappeared after leaving his home to meet with a business partner. Almaty police and the city department of the National Security Committee found the kidnapped businessman alive on September 27.

Regarding her son and the Prime Minister’s future son-in-law, Daniyar Nazarbayev, after he fraudulently graduated from Columbia University and got engaged to the Prime Minister’s daughter, he is said to have enrolled in the prestigious Sandhurst military academy (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/daniyar-nazarbayev-now-in-sandhurst-despite-doubts-over-academic-background/). There is very little chance that a Kazakh would be accepted onto the programme in the first place. Daniyar was seen in NY with his mother in May 2012, before she went to Dubai and ended up in jail there. Unless he is at Sandhurst now, which we know he is not – term ended this fall. Moreover, Malaysian news reports “put” him there months ago, then he has never been there. This is yet another scam those grifters put out to trick people.

Below are pictures from his military training. Background and his teammates don’t look British at all. Can you, or any of your Malaysian colleagues identify his unit patches? He might, very well, be attached to some local unit, courtesy of his future father-in-law.  Raja Petra Kamarudin