Tun M, put your house in order first before dreaming of leading the nation – V.S. Mogan

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Kuala Lumpur
– MIC National Information Chief, Dato V.S. Mogan feels that Tun Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia should get its affairs in order before thinking about leading Pakatan Harapan or ruling the nation.

“Playing victim and putting on a Public Relation show may win it some sympathy to unknowing people, but those who have been following the development should know that the Registrar of Societies have already done plenty to accommodate both PPBM and Pakatan Harapan’s requests,” he said.

This is a far cry from when its chairman, Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister. Many opposition political parties were never allowed to be registered. Same goes for the likes of PSM, who have tried registering their party since the 1990s, having to contest two elections using another party’s logo.

“On the contrary, PPBM is barely over a year old, and appears to be trying to run before it learns to crawl- like making demands of RoS and bossing their way around their seniors in Pakatan Harapan.”

“I strongly feel that PPBM needs to first ensure the present members stop attacking each other in the media over party leadership. This friendly-fire, followed by those respective members going off to claim themselves as the “real” leaders of PPBM are confusing to both the public and the authorities trying to register them,” he stressed.

“I would like to stress that PPBM should comply, just like DAP, PKR and other parties, with its own party constitution to hold AGMs once a year. On the party constitution, they should iron out matters that have been raised by the ROS, with the ROS, instead of complaining about ‘unfair’ treatment,” he added.

“The truth of the matter is, ROS and the present Government have been far more tolerant of PPBM than its own leaders have been treating other parties under their rule. PPBM should stop fighting shadows and blaming everything on the government, when they should be simply correcting their own problems themselves, first,” stressed Dato V.S. Mogan.