Tony Fernandes talking big as though he could grow profit by five-fold abroad

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When Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said he is ‘glad’ after Malaysia Airlines deal failed, it was a face saving remark. Off late, he has been talking too much and creating fanfare to save face and detour attention on his problems. At least he did not say thing like being maligned and vilified in the blogosphere and ask the Board of Directors to affirm he is not a skunk. That is for pampered cry baby Gen Y CEO wannabees who claimed himself as an aviation specialist and expert. Tony is made of harder stuff.

When he said he is moving to Jakarta, there will be no engineering business for MAS. Now we know how sincere he is to collaborate. Let Tony pass the business to Jakarta. See whether he will get the kind of service he gets with MAS and MAB. If he doesn’t pay up, pray the Indonesian don’t cut his ears off.

He was reported by Reuter here saying, “I’m just trying to make more money. There is no hidden agenda.”What a greedy pig he is. There should not be any sympathy if he goes around like Van Gogh. Fell for his fanfare

Tony is just being himself. The stupid thing is why did some fell for his tricks and treachery to sacrifice the national airline. It is really stupid to attempt the CCF deal with a known low life character. How could anyone missed that? Before looking at the numbers and all, an important step in dealmaking is knowing the personality. Can you trust the person? Do they have any sense of honour?

Even thieves have honour and code. More foolish is the revelation that all the Air Asia people that joined MAS have and will return back to Air Asia.

From Idris Jala to AJ, can’t they see that? Why would they leave an Airline they are convince is where the growth is to go to a highly debted, losing profitability and lost its premium shine, MAS?

Tony have been talking of Jakarta for many years. Indonesian market is the growth of tomorrow. Yet when in MAS, Danny gave the Bandung route to Tony Is the Board of Directors so sure of his honesty and integrity?

Moving or not to Jakarta Again, don’t fall for Tony’s Jakarta talk.

It is obvious he tries to replicate Malaysian operational success abroad. At the moment, he dare not say he moved his headquarter. He still depend on the Malaysian market and would jump should it be open up soon.

But he is talking big as though he could grow profit by five-fold abroad. Can he get the same preferential treatment and political clout in Malaysia as he gets abroad partnering with former political despots?  So he claimed Air Asia will only establish an AirAsia Asean office. Its role will be similar to the Dublin office of RyanAir as strategic planning office for Europe. Sure, is Ryan Air headquarter in Dublin too?

They made a big fanfare out of the announcement of Air Asia’s new young lady CEO, Aireen Omar for Malaysian Operations.  -anotherbrickinwall