Tony Fernandes got his greedy hands in MAS RM18 million for sponsorship QPR

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by bigdogdotcom

It is disturbing for a significant shareholder of one of the world’s most popular low cost carrier, who is also the most arrogant and manipulative airline personality to take airport GLC MAHB down in his own blog.

Especially after his newly appointed CEO Aireen Omar did exactly that so well in her first month in office and Fernandes already got The Star doing half of his battles via the mainstream media instead through proper channels, all these while.

Malaysians need to know.

First of all, KLIA2 is about 250,000 sq metres of state of the art low cost carrier terminal in the world, with an annex mall for passengers’ needs and comfort. The RM 4 billion construction would have 68 aerobridges, a brand new air control tower, more tarmac spaces for aircraft parking space and a third 4,000 metres runaway. There would be ample parking spaces and an attached integrated transportation terminal for coaches, taxis and a station for the ERL extended service, that would run from KL Sentral via Main Terminal Building, KLIA.

It is designed to cater up to 45 million passengers per annum, in comfort, efficiency, security and somewhat, style. And that is at the cost of RM 1,500.00 psf.

Secondly, that is the lowest cost of developing and constructing such an airport facility. If only Fernandes could be so fair and professional enough to make an honest comparison to any airports with equivalent facility that has just been built or in the process of being built. Just for comparison, the 350,000 sq metres Terminal 5 in London Heathrow was built at a cost of £4.2 billion. That is without the cost of a third runaway and second air control tower. Squared of to KLIA’ 2′s size, that is £ 3 billion or in today’s exchange rate, RM 15 billion, which is about RM 4,000 psf. Chap Lek Kok’s intention for a third runaway is estimated to cost USD 1 billion.

This appeared on Star Biz as part of the English daily to help Fernandes campaign against MAHB

Thirdly, let us remind about how Fernandes during the ‘Level Four Boys’ dark-reign of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak administration (coincidentally, which provided so much room and opportunity for AirAsia to grow to what it is today at the expense of national carrier Malaysia Airlines with specific instructions such as the ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ of May 2006), rode on Sime Darby for the ‘Labu Airport Project’.

Resilience and perseverance, the bloggers were lucky to manage to get the project shot down.

Fourthly, AirAsia was actually an integral part of the working committee for the KLIA 2. However, Fernandes played ‘rough and extremely unfair’ to use the media which include mainstream media to go after MAHB when his whims and fancies didn’t actually go how he wanted. That is probably include getting rid of MAHB MD Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid and got himself in, just like how he got Khazanah Holdings Bhd. for the eight-and-three-quarter-months short lived and now miserably failed ‘Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia shareswap’.

Fifthly, Malaysians needed to be reminded that the moment Fernandes got his greedy hands into Malaysia Airlines, he started to devour into the national carrier. A month after his entrance into Malaysia Airlines BOD and as a member of the Exco, he got the national carrier to be suckered of RM 18 million for sponsorship of his private venture into the bottom rung of Barclays Premier League, Queen’s Park Rangers.

The AirAsia campaign against MAHB

Sixth point, is Fernandes actually campaigned for Malaysian public to go against MAHB increase of airport tax last Decmeber, short of starting an ‘Airport Spring’. In fact, they actually smeared MAHB. They even got most popular English daily The Star to do part of the dirty work.