Tian Chua’s USD10million Scam

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Raja Petra revealed the involvement of Tian Chua to raise a claim by a developer Azam & Azam Sdn Bhd (AASB) against the Selangor state Government for the construction of the first phase of the new Selayang Market by US$10 million.

Tian Chua denied the allegation and intend to undertake legal action including defamation suit against him. Raja Petra released another set of documents and this time he has kept silence to the various allegations for more than a week.

Raja Petra has the second set of documents which is a letter dated early September 2010 to disclose the claim amount for about RM70 million.

Although not complete as legal proof, the quotation correlate with Raja Petra, where he claimed Tian Chua demanded a USD10 million kickback on top of the compensation Azam and Azam is seeking from the Selangor State Government.

This allegation did not come from UMNO or any authority that could be linked back to UMNO but from one pro opposition writer against an opposition leader. Otherwise, that will the overused line as excuse by discrediting and pinpointing it to UMNO

What will Tian Chua respond? Will he choose to ignore and remain quiet? Maybe he needs a bit of assistance to nudge him into responding.


(Source: The Unspinners)