This is a great insult to the Indian community – Kamalanathan

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KamalanathanKUALA LUMPUR  –  An MIC leader said that a recent tweet made by a Perak DAP leader on Indians in Beruas is an insult to the Indian community and proved how racist it is.

MIC Putera co-ordinator P.Kamalanathan told The Mole: “Of course this is an insult, they (DAP) are doing this to show how racist they are and how they look down on the Indians.”

“Is this the kind of leader the Indians in Perak would want to represent them…will they even consider this guy to be their leader?” he questioned.

Kamalanathan who is Hulu Selangor MP was commenting on a tweet made by DAP state chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham insulting the Indian community in Perak.

On March 4, Ngeh who is Beruas Member of Parliament tweeted: “Beruas Indian leaders say the days where BN (Barisan Nasional) can buy Indian votes with sarees, Milo, beer and mutton curry are over.”

DAP Perak vice-chairman M.Kulasegaran had responded to Ngeh by criticising the DAP leader indirectly on his Twitter page saying, “They can run down my community n (and) say they are bought over by money, mutton and alcohol. U (You) want me to comment?”

Due to that, speculations are rife that Kulasegaran was being sidelined by Ngeh and DAP state secretary Nga Kor Ming while also claiming that both cousins were belittling the Indian community.

On March 12, a DAP insider in a news report claimed that Kulasegaran is convinced that the cousins, Ngeh and Nga are trying to oust him from his Ipoh Barat constituency.

The source who claimed to be closely associated with Kulasegaran said that the Ipoh Barat MP recent outburst on Twitter was the result from alleged attempts by both cousins to replace him with their supporter.

“Kulasegaran views the cousins act of not inviting him to a dinner they had organised in his constituency as a way to embarrass him among party members. He also believes that their intention to discredit him is to kick him out in preference for compliant personalities aligned to their camp,” the source was quoted saying.

Kulasegaran tweeted, “People ask me if I am speaking in Ipoh today in my constituency Ipoh Barat. What do I need to say? Factional! @GobindSinghDeo,” in which Kulasegaran referred to DAP Puchong Member of Parliament Gobind Singh Deo.

To that, Kamalanathan said, “Kulasegaran is the only non-Chinese to win the party’s central executive committee elections (CEC), this is why they are shocked, thus they are capable of doing anything to get rid of Kulasegaran as the DAP is all about the Chinese.”

Meanwhile, there were calls for Ngeh to publicly apologise for his remark towards Indians or risk facing protest from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Beruas.

Special advisor to Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir, Datuk S. Veerasingam in the wake of Ngeh’s remark expressed Indians dissatisfaction over the matter.

“The Indians are extremely angry and dissatisfied with Ngeh’s tweet, which indicated that the community could be easily bought. They want him to apologise or risk facing protests,” said Veerasingam.

Ngeh however said he had based his tweets on complaints he had received from some Indian leaders who had attended a function organised by state Gerakan deputy president Datuk Chang Ko Youn who allegedly served invited Indian leaders with lots of beer, wine, mutton carry and gave them RM300 each.

“Veerasingam should be asking Chang to apologise to the Indian community,” Ngeh was reportedly said.  –  Mole.my