There is no reason for Malaysian Chinese to Support MCA – Empty Vessel

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The MCA holds its annual general meeting next month to discuss not what it can do for Barisan Nasional (BN) and Malaysians, but Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) apparent attempt to make youths hate the government of the day. And hudud.

Really? Is that all? This confirms what many Malaysians already know about the MCA, that it does not have any agenda of its own. Zero. Zilch. Kosong.

It is not giving the Chinese or other Malaysians any reason to support the MCA in the coming polls. They have no raison d’être except self-preservation.

Their first topic assumes a couple of things: That there is actually such a phenomenon as youth hating the government. There isn’t. You have an awakening to rights and self expression among Malaysians, and when you have an awakening, you are bound to get a minority who may cross the line of decency.

The majority of Malaysians who turned out for Bersih or other gatherings want a better country, not more projects or rent-seeking opportunities.

Another assumption that Dr Chua Soi Lek and gang are operating under is that the opposition is so influential that it can get Malaysia’s young to dance to its tune. Is that an admission that PR is so strong that it is able to, in a matter of a few years, turn a generation of Malaysians against the only government this country has known since 1957?

Surely if this fact about the opposition and culture of hate it is allegedly fostering is true, it says something about the ineffectiveness/incompetence of MCA and friends.

The youth of today is the product of a BN education system, a country governed by the likes of Dr Chua. That they can be “influenced” by a loose coalition of politicians who came together to contest Election 2008 is a sad indictment of MCA and friends.

Your annual general meeting agenda says it all. You are bereft of ideas. You are an empty drum. You are nothing. Therefore, you need to talk about others.

Go wring your hands in despair and complain about the others. This current edition of MCA has become nothing but an echo chamber.

This isn’t the MCA of Lee San Choon, who went to fight and expand the party’s interests.

This MCA today might as well close shop in politics, but use whatever little political influence it has to do business. That is all what this party of towkays is good for. – TMI