The trouble co-operative NESA

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The half-dead Nesa co-operative is further getting into shithole. While the President S Subramaniam is in coma ever since he underwent a brain surgery on 11/11/11, the Chief Executive officer Rajannan is all out to consolidate his position with the help of newly elected directors.

Having majority directors on his side, Rajannan successfully dismissed his rivals V Nadaraja from the vice presidency and Shell Bala from the management EXCO. Earlier in the Nesa AGM, Subramaniam’s supporter K P Samy and his team were defeated.

“Rajannan is using Subra (in coma) as a dummy to destroy Nesa”, Nadaraja vented his frustration in a press conference, throwing several serious allegations against Nesa and its CEO Rajannan.


The allegations are:

1. Padang Serai Land

This land worth around RM 10 million went out of Nesa’s hand after a court order, two years ago. The judgment papers were never shown to the Nesa’s board.

2. Banting Land

The 20 acres land was sold to a Chinese without the Boards approval.

3. Malacca Oil palm Land

The 68 acres land leased to Rajannan’s brother-in-law for six years with no returns except for a payement of RM 15,000.

4. Sg. Siput Land

Again Nesa Board is unaware of the group scheme for this 10 acre land.
Nadaraja contend that all these issues were brought up in the Board meetings but were dismissed without proper explanation.

Interestingly, Nadaraja was unable to produce any documentary evidences for whatever mismanagements of Nesa land.

Secondly, question can be raised why Nadaraja is digging Nesa dirts only after Subramaniam went into coma, nine months ago.

Why did he not expose these earlier?

Did Nadaraja query the Board when Subramaniam was well and in control of Nesa?