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Bet On Sports With My Sure-money System And Win 97% Of Your Bets oads/2012/09/jets2.jpeg”>We have obtained more information about Anwar Ibrahim’s trip to Sabah and Sarawak on Sept 16.

The private jet is operated by Bresnan International Aviation of White Plains, New York.

It’s an aircraft charter outfit and is the only aircraft they operate.

The aircraft owner is registered under Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City. Either this Dassault Falcon 900 with the registration N990BB belongs to an American friend of Anwar Ibrahim or some rich fat cat is paying for the rental.

But we have more info of the passengers on board. They include PKR vice president Tian Chua who posted pictures via Instagram proudly to show DAP vice-chairman Tan Seng Giaw talking to Anwar inside the jet.

The pictures were obtained because these Pakatan Rakyat leaders were proudly showing off their photos via Facebook and Instagram. Talk about glee! Is this a gay term?

But these PR chief who tell the Rakyat they are financially strapped and collecting donations at ceramahs are busy flying everywhere in style.

From a RM1 million luxurious bus fitted with massage chairs and toilets that can fit in two persons, , to this private jet, we can only wish good luck to the many groupies and zombies of Pakatan Rakyat who cant wait to vote in their PM who has appeared in the most number of sex DVDs.

Oh, we didn’t forget his deputy, Azmin Ali, and that’s also on DVD. Just wait. By Stop The Lies