The next Misbun in the making

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Men’s Singles player Wei Feng Chong was one of the front runners in Maybank National Circuit Grand Prix Finals but he failed to live up to the expectations in the final round on December 30, 2012.

He was up against an inexperienced compatriot shuttler Misbun Ramdan Bin Mohmed Misbun and critics were giving him better odds for the title.

However, he proved all the predictions wrong in local badminton arena of Alor Setar, Malaysia and faced a woeful defeat with decisive figures of 21-13, 18-21 and 18-21.

World Number 21 Wei Feng took off in perfect manner and raised his chances by cinching first match point but then his lower ranked challenger turned the tables with a staggering knock in ending two games.

The young but spirited Malaysian campaigner Misbun Ramdan showed great maturity in his craft and locked the honour.

In the opening game, both contenders remained equal in the establishing rallies and did not allow each other to make a significant difference on the points table.

They stood toe-to-toe until 6-5 but then Wei Feng prevailed in couple of uninterrupted rallies and managed to finish first half of the set with a respectable score position.

After the mid-game break, he did not lose focus and strengthened his grip by playing impeccable badminton on court.

He mounted pressure with 16-9 total and then served notice of his dominance by registering 21-13 margin.

However, this proved his last success of the contest as Misbun Ramdan showed strong character in the following games and earned the right to raise Men’s Singles trophy.

Though, he looked bit confused in the beginning of second set but couple of productive strokes boosted his confidence.

He managed to tip the scale in his favour with margin of 11 before the interval and then maintained that upper hand all the way to the decisive figure of 21-18.

Third set was just a formality as Misbun Ramdan repeated the history and sealed a splendid victory.

On the other hand, Wei Feng tried to survive this battle but he had to surrender after reading 21-18 score on the board.