“The Godfather” wished to return to the right path

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A former Emergency Ordinance (EO) detainee had dreamt of starting anew with his family in his hometown in Raub, Pahang before he was shot dead on Wednesday.

K. Archuthan, 41, had told family members that he wanted to leave Kuala Lumpur, away from ‘his past’.
He was banished to Perlis under the EO for violent crimes and was released in February.
“He decided to wait a couple of months more before moving as his two children had major exams this year,” said his cousin K. Sugumaran, 34, at Archuthan’s funeral yesterday.

At least 150 people thronged the victim’s home in Selayang Heights as they paid their last respects to the man the family dubbed “the Godfather”.
“He was a changed man following his release. He was more close to his family, especially to his wife and children.
“He was always there to help us when we needed him,” Sugumaran said.

Archuthan and his wife, S. Chitra, 36, were waiting for their son in their Toyota Camry in front of SMK Darul Ehsan, in Selayang Baru, here, at about 1pm on Wednesday, when two men on a motorcycle approached the car and opened fire.
Archuthan was killed on the spot after he was hit by six shots to the head and chest while his wife is still listed as critical at Hospital Selayang after suffering from two gunshot wounds to the abdomen.

The couple have two children, a son aged 17 and a 15-year-old daughter.
It is learnt that before he and his wife were gunned down, the victim had complained that he was being harassed by a group.
“But Archuthan said he wanted to leave his past and not get involved in these things,” Sugumaran said.
Police believe the motive behind the attack is revenge and are looking at closed-circuit television footages from the scene to narrow down the suspects.

Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Rahim Abdullah said no arrest has been made so far. – NST