The days of Mahathir, Najib, Umno and MCA are numbered – Umno Racist Mockery and Religious Extremism Game

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By Nash Ar-Rawy

Umno supporters who are keen in Islamic plight should understand the mockery of Umno on Islam and Hudud Law in this country . All the premiers of Umno are not keen to impose hudud law due to their English educated background and misconception of the Islamic Penal Code ( Hudud , Kisos and Ta’azir ) . What ‘s interesting now is Mahathir once sent a letter of threat to TGNA during his premiership Kelantan not to impose Hudud Law . But out of the blues he proposed PAS to leave Pakatan and join Umno to implement Hudud . What a JOKE of the decade !

Umno ‘s cabinets right from Tunku’s time till now never support Hudud Law. TGHA trice proposed Hudud Act in the parliament but was rejected by the parliament . A clear cut proofs that Umno is not for Hudud Law .

Hudud Law approved by the State Assemblies of Kelantan and Terengganu were not PAS HUDUD because both states had formulated the Hudud Law with the assistance of Islamic penal code experts from the local universities and abroad which is the closet to the Al-Qur’an and Assunnah ( Hadith ) of prophet Muhammad pbuh referring to all the ‘mazhab’ in Islam . One of them was Prof Ahmad Ibrahim .

Out of the blues one Johor assembly man suddenly wanted Umno to implement the ‘ real ‘ Hudud Law not PAS Hudud ! . Whereas since merdeka more than 55 yrs Umno said Hudud Law is in the Al-Qur’an as once told by Tun Ghaffar Baba! . Any lawman knows any law must be formulated and approved in the parliament in order to be implemented which was trice rejected by Umno in the parliament .

Mahathir with the threat letter to TGNA and Najib said . “ Hudud Cannot Be Implemented In Malaysia “ in a statement by him on 29 SEPT 2011 !!!. The idea of Mahathir to ask PAS to join in BN and leave Pakatan Rakyat in order to implement Hudud Law is due to he sees Umno is at the verge of doomsday as to Golkar in Indonesia and Congress Party of India .

In order to sustain Umno in power after the GE13 , he came out with this notion . It’s crystal clear that he’s playing a game ; a mockery out of religion to fool the moslems and the Malaysian as a whole . He’s afraid that his nightmares might come through as what happened to Mubarak of Egypt , Suharto of Indonesia and Marcos of Philippines !!! . It’s too late for a ‘powerless Ex Premier to do so in his game . AS a former pseudo democrate , false Islamist and former autocrate already being recorded in the Malaysian History ! .

The days of Mahathir, Najib, Umno and MCA are numbered . Umno followers should by now leave Umno and supporters of BN to do the same and join PAS and Pakatan Rakyat for a better Malaysia . Because Umno is already sick and dying with its own handiworks such as cronyism , corruptions and abuses of power! . Umno is a sinking ship! So it’s better to leave now before you are drowned with Umno . PAS and Pakatan is the NEW GOVERNMENT IN THE WAITING . It’s too much ! of Umno mockery deceiving the rakyat !

It’s time for Umno to go in a two party system and PAS Pakatan is already prepared for the changes to take over Putrajaya peacefully through the ballot paper after the GE 13 for good by the Grace of the Almighty ! The Proprietor of Power !

Pakatan has proven being a better government then Umno/Bn in its good governance and recognized by Transparency International as good governance in Kelantan, Penang , Selangor and Kedah . Which has brought surprising surplus to its yearly budget compared to the Federal Government seven successive years of deficit with the national debts almost superceed the national income !

For 55 years Malaysians have been deceived with Umno Racist Mockery and Religious Extremism Game . When Utusan Umno says that its’ Haram’ ( prohibited ) for the moslems to vote for DAP with Umno commentary that PAS must leave Pakatan because DAP is against Hudud did not work at all .

On the contrary that MCA said that the Umno Johor State Assembly man has gone ‘ out of his mind “ ( in order words means insane ) when he proposed Umno to be the first to impose Hudud Law ! Whereas DAP did not reject Hudud Law because DAP respects Islam as the official religion in this country and other religion is allowed to be practice .

Every layman knows this game when MCA is not declared as “ dangerous infidels “ ( ‘ Kafir Harbi ) by Utusan Umno ! DAP only said Hudud Law is against the Federal Constitution for Malaysia is a SECULAR STATE but Mahathir the mockerer once said Malaysia is an ‘ Islamic State “ ( Without Hudud ) . Whereas in actuality Malaysia is a Moslem State not an Islamic State ! “ Kafir Harbi “ only will exist when there is an Islamic State comes into being ! not now !

But right now MCA and Umno are from those days are hand in hand reject the Hudud Act in the parliament ! Thus, moslems must leave Umno now because its haram ( prohibited ) to all moslems if they abet ( ‘ subahah ‘ ) with Umno against the Hudud Act TRICE proposed by TGHA in the parliament !

For Soi Lek and all the non-Moslems should leave MCA and join Pakatan as their Moslems friends joining PAS and Pakatan for good . Non-Moslems need not to worry because Hudud is not meant for the non-Moslems as feared by Umno . Because they may opt to the present CIVIL LAW ! as ordained in the Kelantan and Trengganu Penal Code ! . “ Hudud Law Is Only Meant For The Moslems As the ‘ Zakat’ System Is “ ! No non-Moslems are force to pay the ‘Zakat “ ( Tithe ) because they are not moslems. Likewise, our two banking system i.e. Islamic Banking System and Usury Based Banking System which is not a problem for the non-Moslems.

PAS DAP PKR is the new strongest platform now for the masses to fight for justice and a better governance in Putrajaya . In the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak as well after the GN13. With the people’s power of “ BERSIH 3.0 “ momentum to set aside Umno MCA and MIC by the Grace of the Almighty ! Remember , the Ex Premier Mahathir once said “ UMNO IS ROTTEN RIGHT TO ITS INTESTINES “ “ VOTE FOR PAS PAKATAN “ and “ DETHRONE UMNO MCA BN ! “ in the GN13 ! “ THE ALMIGHTY IS THE GREATEST ! “ – Media Perak