The 15 things not to do to have a better life

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The 15 things not to do to have a better life
In life, after experiencing many ups and downs, we should stop a little bit, take a breath then get back up. The most successful people in this world are no exception, they face challenges and setbacks. However, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is their attitude, the way they see, the process to overcome obstacles. Here are 15 things you need to stop doing in order to have a better life.

Blaming others

Do not blame other people or even your fate for what goes wrong in your life. Since you’re your own boss, if someone messes up just a fraction of your life, it’s your fault for letting them do that. Always take control to your hand.

Bottling up your feelings

It is a bad practice. No one can understand you unless you show them how. Bottling up feelings leads to negative thinking. Try to give your opinions on things, express and share what is on your mind with trusted peoples.


Talking behind others behind their back doesn’t do you any good. This could only lead to situations when you unintentionally hurt other’s feelings, break the trust and respect people have for you.

Letting people run over you

Even though you just try to be polite, but refuse to say “No” may give people the chance to talk over you, disrupt what you are working on or use you as their emotional trash can.

Running away when getting compliments

This is a typical practice of low self-esteem people. Having little or no confidence in yourself, you may shrug off nice things people think about you, including trust and faithfulness.

Stop paying attention to your health

Eating junks, drinking alcohol, smoking and refusing to do exercises are all counted.


Overanalyzing everything coming to you is not good. Someone may reply your message with a smiley icon instead of saying “Ok”. Your imagination starts to run wild and somehow think that they get tired of you. This way of thinking is not worth keeping if you want to achieve happiness.

Believing people’s opinion is everything

It is not true even when are running for Miss Universe Perfection. Listening to people’s advice is a good thing but they are only reference materials.

Being extremely harsh on yourself

This is what you need to stop doing immediately as it delivers nothing but a negative look about yourself and the whole world as well.

Doing things haft-heartedly

Instead of giving up, you just stop trying and committing to what’s on your hand, either it is your job, relationship or your dream.

Putting appearance way above experience

It’ nice to look pretty since people tend to admire how you look. However, it is exciting and breath-taking moments that will last in your life long memories, not the way people look at you.

Always judging

If you keep judging any person that passes your face or constantly create an imaginary family history, career choice, educational background and judge other based on your bias, you need to give up this habit.

Sticking to your phone

Sticking to electric devices is a common sad practice in today society. This is just doing more harm than good.

Making up stories

Telling unreal story about life is what many people often do. This creates nothing but a false vision of how people see you and how you see yourself.

Afraid of saying “Yes” to new experience or chance

Spending time in your safe zone maybe really comforting but it offers you nothing more than that. Your lifelong soulmate may be standing right out there waiting for an opportunity to meet you. – hello DOKTOR