Villagers shocked, Teluk C with naked dead bodies

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KOTA TINGGI  –  The body of a pregnant woman, clad only in her underwear, was found sprawled on the beach at Teluk C bay.

She was one of nine victims recovered at 4pm yesterday.

The woman, in her 20s, was believed to have taken off her clothing, which had became wet and cumbrous for her to swim to safety, just like the others who were also found topless.

It is also believed that she was about six months’ pregnant.

The nine bodies include five women and four men. The last body of another woman was found in the same area at 4.30am.

They were found along Teluk C bay, named for its curved shape.

All victims were believed to be Indonesians travelling back to Batam from Teluk C illegally on a boat on Monday.

No identification or travelling documents were found.

According to the Malaysian Digest, it was also learnt that they had board a fibre boat powered by three 300hp engine, which could accommodate about 20 passengers.

“Rescuers, consisting of about 20 police marine members, were helped by fishermen from the village,” said Region II marine police commander Assist Comm Zainul Abidin Hassan.

Zainul said it was believed that the boat was hit by strong waves 5km from Teluk C beach.

“We were alerted by villagers who discovered their bodies on Tuesday evening.”

Some of the victims’ belongings found on the beach include diapers, clothes and baby dolls.

Rescuers also encountered difficulties in collecting the bodies.

A police four-wheel drive vehicle used to ferry the bodies was stuck in the beach sand, while a tractor equipped with a backhoe to tow the vehicle could not move after its tyres were also embedded in the sand.

Four of the bodies were sent to Kota Tinggi Hospital on Tuesday night, while the remaining were sent yesterday.