Teacher, 30, runs away with student, 15

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SUSSEX, England – A Romeo and Juliet-esque affair between a 15-year-old student, Megan Stammers, and her teacher, 30, has gripped the nation.

The pair set alarm bells off on Friday when they both did not turn up at school, Bishop Bell Church of England School. It is believed they eloped as they were captured on CCTV boarding a Channel ferry heading to France reported The Daily Mirror. The Math teacher, Jeremy Forrest, is also a singer-songwriter in his free-time, and has hinted of the illicit love-affair in some of his blog posts.

Various publications of English press reported that the teacher had spent up to four months grooming the teen for the escapade. In one his posts titled “You hit me like heroin” he wrote, “The last two weeks have been pretty intense, in both a good and a bad way! It will have to be a bit vague to be publically digestible.”

Before the couple’s grand escape, they were trading cryptic messages over Twitter. Forrest uses his stage name Jeremy Ayre on the social networking site and on June 27, suggestively posted “Let’s run away.”

According to The Sun, the teacher had also suggested the couple should run away to embark on an adventure together.

Forrest has only been married for a year to his wife Emily Faulder, 31, with whom neighbours told the English papers that he had constant arguments with.

One neighbour even said that the language used by the couple was “just filth”.

The Daily Mail meanwhile reported that Emily had recently described in an online post how the couple married in a castle last year and had ‘never looked back’ after moving to their home in Ringmer in East Sussex in 2009.

Friends of the couple however, told The Sun that they are currently on a trial separation; Emily meanwhile has refused to comment.

The parents of the teenager have described Megan to be a “happy girl”. Her father, Martin, 43, who is also a teacher said that the family has never had any major arguments and that he just wants her back home.

Her step-mother also told the Daily Mail that the girl was dearly missed by the family, and that they just hope that she comes back home safe.

Megan’s friends meanwhile have taken to the social networks to voice their opinions on the affair. Emily Hartingdon called Forrest a “creep”, and Becca Sykes Lade said: “I feel physically sick.”

Jeremy Forrest’s dad has also appealed for his son to return the teen to her parents. While the elder Forrest claims his son to be a gentle and helpful person whom children look up to, Jeremy’s neighbour told the Daily Mail, “From their rows (Jeremy’s arguments with his wife Emily), I’d say he didn’t sound like the kind of person you’d want near your child.” – Asia One