Tamrin Ghafar officially joined PAS

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Aug 12 – Confirming speculations, the son of the late Abdul Ghafar Baba last night officially joined PAS, in the latest of a series of high-profile new members coming into the Islamic party’s folds.

Tamrin Ghafar, whose father was arguably the longest-serving deputy prime minister under Dr Mahathir Mohamad, announced his membership during an event to commemorate the historic battle of Badr, considered a decisive first battle in Islamic history, at the Taman Melewar PAS centre, where he submitted his membership form to party president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang.

Tamrin, a former chairman of MARA, was UMNO’s Ayer Molek state assemblyman and also served two terms as Batu Berendam member of parliament.

While Tamrin’s announcement was no surprise considering he had been frequently speaking out against UMNO as well as appearing at Pakatan Rakyat events, he is the latest in a series of high profile new members netted by PAS ranging from entertainers to senior government officers, including a former director of the Criminal Investigations Department.

Speaking at the event last night, Tamrin said he had not hesitated in his decision to leave UMNO.

“Neither have I made this decision in haste as I have given it much thought. Since the nineties, UMNO has not been in the path of defending the plight of the people,” he said.

Describing PAS’s struggle as sincere, Tamrin pledged full commitment to campaign for the party at the coming general election.

“I have confidence that victory will side with PAS,” he added. – Harakah