Talamgate vs MACC

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PUTRAJAYA: MCA young professionals bureau head Chua Tee Yong was called by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to provide information about the Talam scandal.

He told reporters that he had given his statement as well as documents to the MACC.

Unfortunately, Chua said, he could not disclose what had transpired during his meeting with MACC.

“I hope MACC can look into this case closely. Even, Bursa (Malaysia) is looking into it (possible discrepancies).

“Some of the documents I have handed over to the MACC are those that I have disclosed in the media and few more which I could not disclose,” he added.

Chua’s meeting with the MACC lasted for more than two hours.

To a question, the MCA young professionals’ bureau chief also reiterated that Pakatan Rakyat was only using the 24 plots of land acquired by Barisan Nasional as a diversion to shift the people’s attention from the Talam scandal.

He again pointed out to the Auditor-General Report 2011 that had revealed Kelantan government’s action of giving 290.07ha to a company in exchange for building a mosque, stadium and bridge worth RM195 million.

Since, the company had yet to fulfil its part of the deal, Chua urged DAP to look into that matter instead of harping on the BN lands. “Is DAP afraid of Pas?”  –  The Star