Suspected terrorists house raided by police

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KARTASURA – Personnel from the National Police’s Densus 88 counterterrorism unit raided a rented house on Thursday in Gonilan, Kartasura regency, Central Java where terrorist suspect, Fendi, lived.

The Densus 88 officers arrived at the location at 3:30 p.m. and sealed off the area from locals. Personnel from the police anti-bomb squad were also at the scene, Antara news agency reported.

Wandi, a resident who lives near the house, said the rented house was owned by Andi, a local resident. Wandi added that Fendi, 35, who lived together with his wife Rahma, 25, and their two children, made a living by selling bread. According to him, the suspected terrorist rarely talked to his neighbours.

The police raid followed the arrests of several suspected terrorists last weekend in different locations across Surakarta.

Police have confirmed the suspects were members of a new terrorist group, the name of which is still unknown. According to police, they had planned attacks on police posts and facilities in several locations. – Jakarta Post