Study Loan for the son of PKR leader withdrawn

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The son of a PKR leader has had his study loan offer withdrawn after Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) disputed his father’s race as a Malay.

According to Batu Pahat PKR leader Syed Hamid Ali, Mara cancelled the overseas study loan offer made to his son Akmal Hakim, 17, because Syed Hamid was registered as an ‘Arab’ at birth.

“I am 69 years old and that was before Merdeka. Our neighbour registered my birth so he must have assumed that since my name is Syed, I am an Arab.

“I registered my son’s birth myself and in his birth certificate, it states that his father is Malay,” he said.

Syed Hamid, who is the younger brother of former PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali, said his son received the cancellation letter via courier on June 23.

Part of the letter, which Syed Hamid posted on his Facebook page, states that one or both parents of Mara study loan recipients must be Malay or bumiputera.

“As such, the offer made to you for (the overseas study) programme is cancelled as you do not meet the requirement,” the letter states. – MKini