Strip poker, chill liqour and one night stand; Ex- stewardess reveals

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Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Daily reported on a book written by a former air stewardess on the sexual escapades of flight attendants.

Sara Shantelle Lim claimed the attendants frequently got involved in casual affairs, one-night stands and alcohol binges.

The 25-year-old, who worked as an air stewardess for five years before quitting to run her own beauty firm, also detailed about the flight attendants’ activities when flying.

She wrote that while abroad, they would gather at hotel rooms to play “strip poker”.

She said their bath tubs in hotel rooms would be turned into “freezers” to chill bottles of liquor.

“Many end up naked. We are only allowed to cover our bodies with pillows and blankets,” she wrote.

Lim claimed the job only “looked glamorous” but they had to get on their knees to scrub toilet bowls as well as do other menial and challenging tasks.

In her book, Lim also said she had once witnessed a Hollywood star changing her clothes in front of everyone in the first class cabin.

She also wrote of incidents where rich businessmen offered money to air stewardesses in exchange for a night out.

“One Dubai businessman had even offered three camels to an air stewardess to go out with him.” – Asia One