Stop temple demolitions immediately- Senator T. Mohan

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Johor Bharu
– Sri Siva Sakti Sri Sinna Karuppar Aalayam Temple in Seri Alam, Johor Bahru was demolished yesterday. This has since created an uproar amongst local devotees as well as Hindus nationwide.

MIC Vice President, Senator Datuk T. Mohan has condemn this incident as such an act provokes the sentiments of Hindus in our country. It invokes an action so that such demolitions can be brought to a halt once and for all.

“So much so, demolishing of temples has become a culture and it has to stop. Whether it is happening in an opposition or ruling state government, it has to stop,” he said.

“I’m made to be aware that the demolition that took place in Seri Alam today was undertaken by a 3rd party, who relied on a court order, obtained by the developer. The said temple I understand has been in existence for many years. Engaging a 3rd party or a party without authority instead of proper authorities such as the local town council can be likened to ‘thug’ practice. The developer must be held responsible and must answer to this malpractice.”

“I’m very sure that when a land is approved for development, that too in this case, is said to be a rather large development, the state authorities and government is aware of the fact that there is a temple situated there. The state government and state land authority is in a position to advise the developer of this predicament before an approval is given. Therefore, I call upon the leadership of Johor, namely the Menteri Besar to be accountable and responsible for the incident in Seri Alam, Johor Bahru.”

Mohan stressed that it is about time that there is some sort of standard operating procedures in dealing with temples and places of worship. Even if it faces eviction, sufficient time and alternative must be provided for relocation before moving a brick from the particular temple. Developers must adhere to the religious sentiments of the community before even planning to develop a particular land or property.

“Johor is a rather unique state, with its highly esteemed royalty wanting the state to unite and live as ‘Bangsa Johor’. This very much means that all communities must be given equal and fair opportunities, religiously, to begin with. What transpired today is in contradiction to the concept the state is trying to instill. I pray and hope that the culture of demolition of places of worship stops and even if such a situation is to arise, let it be a win-win situation.”