Spend more quality time together

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Family bonds play an important role in forming our kids’ development into well-rounded adults. Therefore, it is vital to spend time together with our kids doing many different activities like a walk together in the evening, reading storybooks and going for holidays. I found that the most effective way is playing a board game or solving a puzzle together.

Sitting down together with the kids to work on a puzzle game not just helps in building bonds but is also an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. It is also a wonderful way to spend quality time together in view of our hectic lifestyle.

Spending time playing a puzzle game with our kids will also help us to better recognise and respect their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it also creates a learning environment whereby the kids will learn to think out of the box to solve the puzzle. Besides creating better family bonds, we also get to learn valuable things like patience and the spirit of perseverance.

I believe that by consistently spending time with the kids playing games or solving puzzles, not only will it benefit the family, but eventually after the kids grow up they will continue the tradition by doing the same with their children.

Playing a puzzle game will create a humorous and relaxed situation where fun and laughter will lead to great bonding moments together.

Lastly, strong family bonds help us to thrive in all aspects of life and playing games with our family can be more than just a good time.

Loo Lee Yen – Paren thots