So you fancy her after watching Lust, Caution?

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Edison Chen just can’t help himself. You’d think, after a sex photo scandal that pretty much ruined his career and a fling with a 16-year old girl that pretty much sealed his reputation as a perv, he’d be a little more cautious about his lust. You’d be wrong.

Edison is once again getting into the news for all the wrong reasons. This time the 31-year old has openly declared—on Weibo, no less—his attraction to the beautiful and talented Chinese actress Tang Wei, his interest raised no doubt by her saucy nude scenes in director Ang Lee’s award-winning movie Lust, Caution.

Posting her photo online, he tagged it with this line: “I like her a lot! Can anyone tell her for me?” Naturally the Hong Kong press was all over it, and during Tang Wei’s promotional round to support her movie Late Autumn, they didn’t hold back in asking her what she thought of Edison’s love note.

Very diplomatically, she simply thanked “everyone who likes me, including fans and friends” and then plugged her film. “Maybe Kim Tay Yong (the director) can invite him to watch the movie. I hope everyone will watch the movie.” But before the media could press her further on the touchy subject, her handlers pulled her away.

Meanwhile, Tang Wei’s fans have also taken to Weibo to warn Edison to stay away from her and to have a go at his sordid past. “So you fancy her after watching Lust, Cautioneh?” teased one post. “Do you plan to create Lust, Caution 2 with her?” another post ribbed.

Undeterred, Edison posted a second photo of Tang Wei on China’s biggest social networking site, but this time he kept his thoughts to himself. Then, in a clever move to mock his detractors for attacking his “purely professional” comments, he posted a photo of Chow Yun Fat and wrote: “I like him a lot too! Can anyone tell him for me?” Who knew he swung both ways?

Source: Ming Pao