Man Slaughters Teens to Feed Dogs

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YUNAN: A 53-year-old man from Yunnan has admitted to killing, skinning and making preserved meat out of over 20 teenagers, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

The daily said the man even soaked the victims’ eyeballs with rice wine and fed his three dogs with human flesh before selling the leftover as ostrich meat.

A special investigation task force set up by the Jinning county police discovered the gruesome case last month following a series of missing persons’ reports.

According to the report, the suspect Zhang Yung Ming had been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1978.

However, he was released after 18 years and went back to his hometown in Nanmen Village, where he was said to have kidnapped the youths before killing them.

An experienced newsmen in Yunnan also revealed that the actual number of victims could be more because over 50 pairs of shoes were found in Zhang’s home.