Shame On You – Barisan Nasional

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By: Editorial Team

Kuala Lumpur, May,28. -Series of recent attack on Ambiga for her vital role she played during Bersih 3.0, only goes to show how insecure the BN government is. The childish and immature attitude potrayed by the pro government boys only reflects on the ‘coward’ image of the UMNO dominated government.

Why launch personal attack?Why target only Ambiga? Is it due to her ethnicity? Or is it because she has convinced thousands to rally behind her to a call for free and fair electoral? Shame on you, BN.

It is about time for you to realise that all your action against Ambiga had further damaged your already tarnished image.

So what if you have the army, police , DBKL, Bomba and  RELA , under your control? Forget, not that the people still hold the POWER. Democracy is still the order of the day.

Your claim of 22,000 participants on 28.4 for Bersih 3.0, is a horrendous remark. Come on guys, let common sense prevail over superficial intelligence.

It is about time you bring your boys under control, for the sake of at least not risking the popularity which is still sticking on.

World is watching, mind you.

At least pretend to potray a clean and civilised image as we have trusted you to run the nation.

Many still have hope in you, don’t ruin it, or force them to jump ship.

Keep in mind, Ambiga is a citizen of this country and deserves to be protected at all costs.

Is this an attempt to divert public’s attention form the many issues that is brewing up at your own lawn? Trust me, people can no longer be hoodwinked.

All your actions on Ambiga has backfired. If you claim 2 million youths are rallying behind you, don’t forget, as the balance, also in millions are not.

Act fairly, prove your worth, clean your image and hope to earn the respect and confidence of the ‘Rakyat’.

Arrogance has rocked the boat once, don’t let it repeat itself. This time the force is too strong and best resort to defence tactic and not otherwise.

Be prudent, BN.