Sexual affairs and extra marital affairs – Anwar, Chua Soi Lek, Lim Guan Eng and now MIC Ganesan?

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A current revealed that there is a sex video of a MIC leader in Perak who is a potential candidate in the coming General Election. Some parties have threatened to expose the video of him with a ‘sex worker’ from Thailand if the leader still aspires to contest in the next general election. The way the story has been exposed, one can vividly assume the motive of the video and the people behind this.

Allegations and exposing sex scandals have become a trend and permanent culture in our society particularly among politicians. This sort of hitting below the belt incidences have been going on for more than 10 years. This has become a disgusting and a nerve-racking notable trend in the country and this culture has to be stopped immediately for the interest of the nation.

No one differs in opinion that a person who is offering himself for public positions should be a man of impeccable integrity and credibility as his life is always open to public scrutiny. He should upkeep high moral values at all times. No one is questioning these basic qualities.

However, we should not stoop so low to expose a man’s personal failings which is common to most and it is very disgusting to be so obsessed with exposes of sexual incidents. As a nation we are seen to be so focused on this type of allegations whether it is Anwar, Chua Soi Lek, Lim Guan Eng or anyone for the matter whether they are from Pakatan or BN.

Lately scrutinising adultery, sexual affairs, extra marital affairs has become a favourite past time and a matter of utmost interest of some who adopt a shameless holier than thou attitude. There are matters of far more national and social significance that politicians should urgently address and attend to rather than sensationalising this personal failing of some.

Those who hurl allegations ought to understand that it is not the only person who is being targeted who is subject to undergo agony and stress but his loved ones and his community are also put to distress and trauma.

As the nation aspires to be transformed into a developed and high income nation, such distractions and side tracking is utterly unproductive. Let us therefore focus our energy and resources on substantive initiatives pertaining to the development, well being of the people as well as nation building. Please reform. Enough is enough. -nayagankini