‘SEX’! ‘SEX’ and MORE ‘SEX’…

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by Suresh Naidu Sadasivan

Can you believe that you have actually started reading this article? That shows how curious you are to know about the content of this so called ‘SEX’ related article. This is good enough to show how fast the human brain reacts to the word ‘SEX’ or anything related to that matter. It gives some kind of influence and you perceive things based on that. Can you imagine what someone in power could do to influence the people to have wrong perception about another individual? Well, they call it moral value and that someone is immoral based on their close proximity with another. In addition to that, they will bring in another weapon called ‘religion’ to tarnish the individual’s name further.

Looks like, this is what Malaysians want and the media willingly give it to them. Talking about ‘moral’ and ‘values’, do media have one? Recent news (with photos) about an opposition leader’s apparent involvement in some kind sexual acts is a good example of how low the print media could go. Have they forgotten about children’s access to those newspapers, with ‘cool’ photos, at home? What value do you instill in the children? Has anyone given thought about who is the ‘high moral valued culprit’ who had fixed the spy cameras? Despite that, everyone was more concerned about the opposition leader’s moral character!

What do you think is the most fundamental of leadership qualities? One might be the smartest, the wisest, the most hard-working of all politicians but one personal sexual conduct and it can all end in a finger-snap. It is immaterial which camp you are from; be it the ruling party or the opposition. You end up in the same fate.

I would say, far too many voters are very comfortable with their own hypocrisy. It is high time for us to be mature enough to separate the personal from the professional. We all do things in our private lives that we don’t really divulge on Facebook or Tweet about. We have our own ‘compartment’ and separate our professional selves from our private selves. I don’t think so you enjoy mixing both.

How is it then, we can so readily rationalize our own behaviour but condemn politicians for doing the same? Accept our politicians as humans whom we vote into office. Remember that humans are made up of foibles and fetishes. Sometimes we are not always nice, sometimes we are not always professional. Sometimes we act inhumane, say things that would make regrettable sound-bites and treat people sub-optimally. In other words, we act human.

Apparently, we expect our leaders to be pure saints. Someone who is free of bought sex, kinky sex, and extramarital sex is seemingly so much more important than the ability to govern. I am not really advocating the opposition leader’s behaviour (assuming it is true). My opinion is however, is that, provided he is not committing any crimes with weapons and bombs, his personal life is entirely his own. I would suggest you to burn the obsession with moral character. Arbitrarily plucking a single personal indiscretion out and expecting it to function as a predictor of performance in office is insanity and this could result in ousting of some very good politicians. Again, this is for both the camps. You shouldn’t be saying, “if his sister and mother can’t trust him, how can we?”

Why is that everyone has forgotten about Altantuya’s case, PKFZ scandal, Scorpene deal, French court summon on our leader, RM250 million loan for cows, education (luxury) trips by office bearers, illegal immigrants who have suddenly become voters and even more importantly teaching Mathematics and Science that is not going to be in English (for political reasons? [Yet they talk about having forums to improvise the education system!])? Someone’s sexual life is more important than all these?

As for me, life is rarely simple and our private pasts are unreliable determinants of our professional futures and untrustworthy leaders come in all shapes, genders and marital machinations.

Our criterion for determining electability needs to focus on the attributes that are actually important to governing. Let’s keep our own sexual hang-ups and amateur fortune-telling out of the ballot box.