Sex on the first date?

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It’s men who are desperate to leap into bed with women after just one date, right?

Wrong, according to new research suggesting that the stereotype is now defunct, and these days things are in fact the other way around.

Women are now more comfortable having sex on a first date than men are, with almost half of men actually turned off when a woman wants to get intimate after going out only once, and only 39 per cent of women feeling that way, according to dating website Parship.

The research also found that in the game of dating the biggest turn-off for both men and women was for a date to turn up looking scruffy or badly presented. The second was when their blind date had not described themselves accurately.

And although this suggests that both men and women are more interested in their date’s physical appearance than their personality, only four per cent of people questioned said good looks were crucial in a date.

The traits most looked for in a potential partner were honesty, humour and fidelity.

Markus Fischer, Director of International Business at Parship UK, said, ‘As a dating site we’re always looking to see what values singletons across the UK value most highly in a potential partner, as well as what makes a date go well, or destroys all chances of a relationship altogether.

‘To see men considering the want for first-date intimacy a bigger turn-off than women was somewhat surprising; whilst stereotype would have us believe otherwise, men are clearly the more prudish of the two sexes!’

Explaining that honesty was voted the top trait in a date, Mr Fischer said: ‘I guess this goes hand in hand with people being honest about how they describe themselves before a blind date – both men and women saw this as a huge turn-off, so honesty is always the best policy when it comes to dating!’