Several sets of fingerprints found at murder scene

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SEPANG,  –  Several sets of fingerprints were lifted from a double-storey house in Taman Putra Perdana here where an engineer was found murdered on Saturday evening.

The victim, Loh Min Lee, 36, was found in the master bedroom with head injuries.

Sources said the prints would be checked with the National Registration Department and the criminal database at the Federal police headquarters.

Sources said although police were investigating the case as robbery-cum-murder, they had not ruled out other motives such as a crime of passion or revenge.

Loh was found dead by his brother who went to the house to check on him.

Loh’s mother had been trying to contact him for days.

He was believed to have been dead between 24 and 36 hours before his body was found.

The killer was believed to have forced his way into the house by prying open the window in the kitchen.  – NST