Selangor follow footsteps of Penang in formulating anti hopping laws

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The Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State Government should follow in the footsteps of Penang in formulating anti hopping laws.

A vibrant democracy ought not to take lightly the choice of the people in electing their representatives during an election.

The law has to focus on the impact upon the people when an elected representative turns over in support of those very people his constituents voted against during the election.

This is not just a betrayal of the trust of the people, it is also morally wrong.

Whilst there must be great respect and regard for freedom of association as enunciated in the Federal Constitution, the values to be attributed to the choice made by the people in exercising their democratic right to vote in an election must surely be far more important.

Anything else would make the concept of democratic elections senseless and redundant.

Although the Supreme Court has held such laws to be against Article 10 of the Federal Constitution, that cannot mean we should just sit back in silence and do nothing about it.

It is appalling to note how pessimistic Barisan Nasional is in dismissing the matter by reference to the Supreme Court ruling alone.

If something is wrong, we must correct it. This could either be by way of legislation or review of judicial pronouncements expressing views to the contrary.

If we could repeal the ISA, I do not see why we can’t legislate at both Federal and State level to put matters right in this regard as well.

The DAP has said quite clearly that it is against party hopping. It is therefore now up to BN to table the necessary changes. With our support, the Constitution can be amended to correct the position.

– Media statement by Gobind Singh Deo