SEDIC funds: Cheated or misunderstood?

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A Q&A session was conducted with SEDIC Director, Prof.Datuk Dr.N.S.Rajendran


Q: Sedic funds, Prof. Dr. N.S. Rajendran got cheated or misunderstood?

A: An individual got cheated or been mislead is immaterial. Indian community should not be cheated or deceived that is the utmost priority.


Q: Will Fake News Act curtail the freedom of press?

A: Freedom of press cannot be curtailed as it will undermine democracy


Q: Does Indian community have solid representation in the opposition front?

A: No


Q: Many tamil school teachers often go on medical leave or take off to attend courses. What will happen to the pupil’s studies if this continues?

A: Contribution and dedication of teachers should not be doubted. Going on medical leaves or courses, should not be misconstrued. We can propose to appoint more teachers for tamil schools.

  • Translated from Makkal Osai – 15/4/2018