SEDA – Stop confusing the public; it’s time to buck up

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Kuala Lumpur – The embattled Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) should not shift blame to the Feed-in Tariff (eFiT) online application process flop resulting in the daughter of former government chief secretary Sidek Hassan being rewarded a giant share to supply solar power, said a non-governmental organisation.

Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia in a statement today blasted SEDA officials for claiming that they had been in the dark until after the computer system had approved the application from companies linked to Suzi Suliana.

“A computer system is always a computer system. It is controlled to get output based on inputs. SEDA chairman and its officers had pushed their responsibility to the system. They claimed they only knew about the results a day after the eFiT system approved the application,” said AWER president S Piarapakaran.

Earlier this week, SEDA chairman Fong Chan Onn “conceded defeat” to the exposé by Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament Tony Pua on how Suzi, Sidek’s daughter, was allocated 32.4 percent (45.9MW) of the contract to supply solar power under 12 companies linked to her and husband Todd Michael Morath under a complex layer of holding companies and joint ventures and two other business partners.

Worse, Fong said there was nothing SEDA could do, as they had tried their best within the eFiT system.

Piarapakaran reminded that he had highlighted the weakness in the eFiT system, saying it was an adopted mechanism and not tailor-made for the Energy, Green Technology and Water ministry for implementation of Renewable Energy (RE) projects.

He questioned whether SEDA’s approval process was now being managed “by the flawed eFit system”, and urged prime minister Najib Razak to intervene by establishing an independent panel to investigate the episode.

AWER further urged stern actions to be taken against officials of SEDA and the ministry for confusing the public. – Harakah Daily